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On the famous CRUISE CRITIC forums, you can meet in less time other cruisers sailing with you, share the LINK of your Tour, make new friends and SAVE MONEY!

Cruise Critic Roll Call


Select the port of call then your excursion, create your own group. Here you can choose the max number of people you want to travel with, book on this site and invite others to join your group!


Are you looking to share a shore excursion? Select the port of call, click on your date and look for an existing group. Once you find it, you can easily join that group.

In both cases, after filling your details, you will be asked to pay by credit or debit card the price for the minimum tariff, based on there being the maximum number of participants. This sum will be shown on your voucher as a "DEPOSIT".

Should the required maximum number of participants has been reached for a group tour, the deposit paid will cover the price of the tour, and you will not have to pay the difference. HOWEVER, should there not be sufficient participants for a shared tour, you will have to pay the difference (in cash uros on the spot), as indicated on your voucher as a "BALANCE" to be paid.

Please check the table on the right for "price per person" while booking, or, after having booked, by going to the customer area, to verify the tariff based on the number of participants. You can access the customer area by using the information in the email which will be sent to you.

The voucher will be send only if the tour will be confirmed.

Further information and Help:

If you dont receive an e-mail from us within 20 minutes of your payment being accepted, please check for any SPAM. Should there still be no reply, please contact us at info@italyshareshoreexcursions.com

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